Into Every Spring a Little Snow Must Fall


Yep.  It almost always happens.  Here in SE Wisconsin we had some AMAZING weather a few weeks ago…at the end of February no less.  I’m talking 60’s!  And now…6″-8″ of white.  I saw a lot of spring vegetation in protected areas starting to peek out of the ground.  Thankfully I’ve been around long enough that I know there is NO NEED TO PANIC.  Your daffodils, tulips and other early risers are going to be just fine.

Did you know that snow actually acts as insulation?  It can protect our plants and buffer them from harsh winter winds and sun.  I personally always like seeing a good snow cover over my plants.  I know they are all safe under their  white blanket.

Think about this, as well.  How many years and years and years have we been growing these plants in the Midwest?  And really, is there ever a perfect year?  I remember one Christmas back in the early 90’s when it was 60 degrees and my dad and I rototilled my garden.  Bulbs were coming up, but winter did come back.  And guess what happened?  Everything was fine in spring!  Nature has an amazing way of healing itself, and the perennial plants we grow here are adapted to our crazy weather.  Sure, you might see a little frost bite here and there.  Your daffodils will get yellow tips.  They’re not any happier about the return of winter than you are.  But they are tough!  They will survive and so will we.


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