Ladies, this blog is for you.  We are everyday people who wear jeans and sweatshirts on a regular basis.  We don’t have maids and we dig in the dirt.  We laugh, we cry, we watch our kids grow, and we support each other. We complain about exercising and we like cake.  KFC is one of our favorite restaurants.  Neither of us own yoga pants.  We hope you laugh, we hope you learn and we hope you try something new.  I’m a single mom, and Shelley’s husband travels for work, so we both are girls who have had to get things done on our own.  We want to inspire you and help you discover that you can do it, too!

Wendy:  I’m the garden end of this operation and Shelley is the home.  She is the one who makes, paints, cooks and tries all the DIY projects.  She makes a MEAN strawberry jam and is always trying something new.  I think she thinks she won’t have enough to blog about, but I don’t have a doubt in my mind.  She’s the researcher and brains behind the operation.  I’m the garden guru.  20+ years in landscape and horticulture.  I would rather dig in the dirt than wash the dishes.  Shelley and I discovered that we’re really good at bouncing ideas off of each other and getting creative.  We also come up with some wacky ideas that may just entertain you.

We welcome any questions, feedback, or comments.  We’d love to hear about your successes and if we’ve inspired you!


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